One of the safest solutions on the market

Enhanced Fire Protection Transformer

Increased Safety

Fire safe

Reduced Clearance

Distance Requirement of only 0.9 m

Environmental Friendly

FM Approved Less Flammable Fluid

Reliable Performance

Maintenance free

Return of Investment

Greatly reduce insurance costs

Exnovo offers the Green, Safe, Maintenance free (GSM) transformer that is available from 25kVA to 3150kVA, and voltage up to 36kV. 

The GSM transformer is FM Approved per Approval Standard 3990

  • E0DK – A0AK as per EN 50464; or
  • MEPS, HEPS as per AS 2374; or
  • Reduced losses as per IEC 60076-20
  • 25 to 3150kVA
  • Up to 36kV
  • FM Approved Less Flammable Fluid

Benefits of GSM Transformers

  • Fire Safety Protection
  • Reduced Clearance and Installation footprint
  • Improved Environmental Sustainability
  • Reliable Performance
  • FM Approved for Lower Insurance Risk