Exnovo offers the self-protected TPC transformer with high voltage (HV) fuses and earth striker in the transformer tank. The TPC transformer provides a built-in cut off protection feature within the transformer to protect people and the environment against transformer internal failures. 

  • E0DK – A0AK as per EN 50464; or
  • MEPS, HEPS as per AS 2374; or
  • Reduced losses as per IEC 60076-20
  • 25 to 160kVA for pole top mounted type
  • Up to 630kVA for pad mounted type
  • 3.6kV to 36kV
  • PCB-free liquid dielectric; Available in Less Flammable Fluids


  • Protection-disconnection feature for improving the safety and the quality of the supply
  • Risk of fire hazard and transformer explosion eliminated
  • Easy to locate the problem
  • Removal of all external manifestations of the device in case of an internal fault, ensuring the safety of goods, individuals, and the environment
  • Avifauna protection
  • High thermal inertia to withstand load cycles with power variations
  • Fast and easy installation cost
  • Cost effectiveness for overalll installation cost
  • High realibility
  • High short-circuit resistance
  • Long lifespan
  • Maintenance free under normal service conditions
  • Lower noise
  • Lower losses (as per client's requirement)

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