Engineered Transformer Solutions

Exnovo is an Australian-owned company, with a strong local focus on designing and distributing quality transformers to the mining, utilities, renewable and related industries. 

We offer a wide range of distribution transformers from 25kVA to 5MVA. At Exnovo, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services while ensuring we meet the Australian and International Standards. 

In addition to the standard off-the-shelf models, Exnovo’s Engineering team is highly capable in providing custom-built transformers with fine attention to specification.

Through our strategic partnership with renowned brands, we have the technical expertise, knowledge and capability in delivering various transformer solutions to suit our clients’ requirements.

Contact us to discuss your transformer needs and specifications:
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Our Transformers

GSM Transformer

Conventional Pad Mounted Transformer

Pole Mounted Transformer

Self-Protected TPC Transformer

Main Characteristics


  • E0Dk-A0Ak as per EN 50464; or
  • MEPS, HEPS as per AS 2374; or
  • Reduced losses as per IEC 60076-20


  • High reliability
  • High short-circuit resistance
  • Cost effective for the overall installation
  • Long lifespan
  • Maintenance free in normal service condition
  • Tank painting performance: it can withstand 1000 hours salt spray test
  • Lower noise, ensuring the design comply with local requirement
  • Lower losses (as per client’s requirement)